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ECHS @DSU Approach to Learning

A problem-based approach to teaching and learning is central to the Early College High School at Delaware State University. High school teachers and university faculty will introduce scientific concepts and processes, while students will work collaboratively, applying multiple methods of inquiry and principles of the arts and engineering to solve problems in the three pathways of Agribusiness, Forensic Biology and Community Health. Students will study and create models of complex systems and engage in analysis, prediction, debate and description of interactions among individuals, societies, and their environments.

Innovation, curiosity, and intellectual risk-taking are at the heart of the Early College High School at Delaware State University, and each of these concepts aligns with the 21st century skills that students will need as future leaders in STEM professions.

The early college high school model sees mastery of core subjects and 21st century themes as essential to ensuring that all students are able to thrive in a complex, connected world.

In the tradition of early college high schools across the nation, students at the Early College High School at Delaware State University will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of college credit during their four- year high school career, and will develop the drive and focus necessary to succeed at all levels of education and in their chosen careers.

The Early College High School at Delaware State University will provide students with the opportunity to gain college credit in pathways that are aligned with the undergraduate majors at Delaware State University.

  • Driver Education
  • ELA
  • Math
  • PE/Health Education
  • RTI/Special Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies