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Dr. Evelyn Edney
School Leader, Early College High School
evelyn.edney [at] echs.k12.de.us

Dr. Edney thoroughly understands and appreciates secondary education because of her visionary and contemporary leadership in several teaching and administrative positions in secondary schools in Delaware for the past 24 years. In addition, she has worked with intensity, passion and design thinking to create a strong school community that motivates teachers and staff to ensure student achievement. Dr. Edney has served on a number of important boards in the state including the Delaware Women’s Alliance for Sport & Fitness, the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the Delaware Association of School Administrators, the Delaware Association of School Principals, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Sorority International. In addition, Dr. Edney has participated in Vision 2015 Delaware (executive leadership training) and Vision Network (establishing guidelines for student efficacy)

Mrs. Nyia McCants
Assistant Principal, Early College High School
nyia.mccants [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Timothy Yancy
Operations Manager / Athletic Director
timothy.yancy [at] echs.k12.de.us

Teachers and Staff

Mrs. Shelly Ide
Science Teacher 
shelly.ide [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Katie Mancuso
Science Teacher
katie.mancuso [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Kenneth Elston
Mathematics Teacher
kenneth.elston [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Charlotte Jordan
Mathematics Teacher
charlotte.jordan [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Charles Welsh
Mathematics Teacher
charles.welsh [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Joell Whitley
Mathematics Teacher 
joell.whitley [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Robert Grimm
Social Studies Teacher 
robert.grimm [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Sara Gildon
Social Studies Teacher 
sara.gildon [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Carlo Testa
Social Studies Teacher
carlo.testa [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Dara Savage
English Teacher
dara.savage [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Lue-Ann deCastro
English Teacher
lueann.decastro [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Keenon Mann
English Teacher 
keenon.mann [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Heather Trabaudo
Physical Education and Health Teacher 
heather.trabaudo [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Terisha Collins
School Counselor
terisha.collins [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Tawanna Prophet-Brinkley
School Counselor
tawanna.prophetbrink [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Kathryn Krieger, MSN, RN
School Nurse
kathryn.krieger [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Cynthia Metts
Special Education Teacher
cynthia.metts [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Alan Hudson
Special Education Teacher
alan.hudson [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Karen Dickens
Drivers Education Teacher
karen.dickens [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Jovan Wilson 
Band Teacher 
jovan.wilson [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Devin Mercer
Chorus Teacher 
devin.mercer [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Amoscita Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
amoscita.rodriguez [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms.Kassandra Rangel
kassandra.rangel [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Eric Winston 
Nutrition Coordinator
eric.winston [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Malachi Rodriguez
malachi.rodriguez [at] echs.k12.de.us