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Teachers and Staff

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Teachers and Staff

Mrs. Shelly Ide
Science Teacher 
shelly.ide [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Katie Mancuso
Science Teacher
katie.mancuso [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Kenneth Elston
Mathematics Teacher
kenneth.elston [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Charlotte Jordan
Mathematics Teacher
charlotte.jordan [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Charles Welsh
Mathematics Teacher
charles.welsh [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Joell Whitley
Mathematics Teacher 
joell.whitley [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Robert Grimm
Social Studies Teacher 
robert.grimm [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Sara Gildon
Social Studies Teacher 
sara.gildon [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Carlo Testa
Social Studies Teacher
carlo.testa [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Dara Savage
English Teacher
dara.savage [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Lue-Ann deCastro
English Teacher
lueann.decastro [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Keenon Mann
English Teacher 
keenon.mann [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Heather Trabaudo
Physical Education and Health Teacher 
heather.trabaudo [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Terisha Collins
School Counselor
terisha.collins [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Tawanna Prophet-Brinkley
School Counselor
tawanna.prophetbrink [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Kathryn Krieger, MSN, RN
School Nurse
kathryn.krieger [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Cynthia Metts
Special Education Teacher
cynthia.metts [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Alan Hudson
Special Education Teacher
alan.hudson [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Karen Dickens
Drivers Education Teacher
karen.dickens [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Jovan Wilson 
Band Teacher 
jovan.wilson [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Devin Mercer
Chorus Teacher 
devin.mercer [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mrs. Amoscita Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
amoscita.rodriguez [at] echs.k12.de.us

Ms. Kassandra Rangel
kassandra.rangel [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Eric Winston 
Nutrition Coordinator
eric.winston [at] echs.k12.de.us

Mr. Malachi Rodriguez
malachi.rodriguez [at] echs.k12.de.us